Creative Director + Experience Designer


About Liang Shi.


I design experiences for people, spaces and screens to delight, provoke and connect.



Soma Water
Condé Nast
Levo League
+ more


I like to solve problems using design, research and ice cream. 

As a designer, my work has been praised by ForbesMedical Economics and my mom, who said "Oh! So nice, ah!" My experience design projects have been featured by Fortune, Refinery29, Bon Appetit and Harper's Bazaar.

When I'm not slinging pixels around, you can find me organizing dessert festivals and matcha pop-ups.

My clients range from Condé Nast and SoulCycle to startups like MindBodyGreen, Levo League and Soma Water.

I'm available for freelance projects in the branding, design and experience design space.