Liang Shi likes to solve problems using design, research and ice cream. 

As a designer, her work has been praised by ForbesMedical Economics and her mom, who said "Oh! So nice, ah!"

When she's not slinging pixels around, you can find her wandering the streets of New York City looking for the best coffee and doughnuts.

Liang's clients range from Condé Nast and GE to startups like MindBodyGreen, Levo League, docwise and Gate Guru.

Currently, she's working on Soma and doing wicked collaborations with Tara Stiles.


What I do:

  • Brand design, vision & strategy
  • UX/UI design
  • User research
  • Build prototypes
  • Consulting/Advising on design strategy
  • Help startups and big companies go from idea to launch



Right before the redesign in March 2013, our traffic was at 2 million uniques. In January 2014, we hit 14 million.

Liang got us on track at an important stage of our growth. It’s hard to find people that can do research, design, UX, asks questions, and do more than what’s asked.
— Jason Wachob, CEO & Founder of MindBodyGreen